Sinus Lifts: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sinus lift? 

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that adds bone to the upper jaw where the sinuses are located. There are different types of sinus lifts, direct or indirect (horizontal or vertical). A direct sinus lift (also known as the horizontal approach) involves approaaching the sinus from the outer region of the gums. This method is usually more invasive and performed by an oral surgeon. An indirect sinus lift (also known as the vertical approach) involves creating space for new bone to be added to the sinus by approaching through the extraction site. This method is less invasive and is the method that we prefer to use in our office. Both types of sinus lifts creates space for new bone to be added, but they have different healing times and general procedure.

Who needs a sinus lift?

It cannot be determined until the dentist takes an X-Ray to evaluate general bone density. But those who have not had their upper molars for a while or those with large sinuses are usually more likely to need a sinus lift than others.


Why is a sinus lift necessary?

A sinus lift can be deemed necessary when placing implants because there needs to be ample bone and space for an implant to be secured to. Additonally, a sinus lift provides more space between the sinus cavity and the implant fixture, which can help prevent infections in the sinus.


What happens during the procedure?

Before the surgery starts, you will receive local anesthesia. Once fully numbed, the dentist will perform necessary extractions before cleaning the tissue within. The sinus will then be lifted before the implant is placed.


Are sinus lifts painful?

You will be numbed during the procedure and should not feel anything during or after the procedure!


Is there special aftercare after a sinus lift?

After a sinus lift, you will be instructed not to blow your nose or any strenuous exercise as these actions can cause bleeding. Usually, after a sinus lift the post surgery instructions are the same for any oral surgery. More information on proper posrt surgery instructions can be found here: 

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