Our Commitment

Our commitment to you and your dental health:

We are sure you will enjoy the restoration you have received from our office for many years because we are confident in our abilities to provide the best dental restorations available. To show our commitment to excellence, we will protect your new restoration (crown, bridge, denture), supported by your natural teeth or implants, from manufacturer’s defects for a period of 5 years. Under our commitment, if necessary, we will repair or replace your restoration at no charge if a manufacturer’s defect has occurred. 

For implant patients:

We do not assume responsibility if the implant fails after the final restoration is delivered if the cause is determined to be biological factors out of our control (including bone loss, infection, etc.). 

Our commitment requires your commitment to your dental health, and to us.

For this commitment to remain valid, you must complete your treatment with our office and keep your subsequent maintenance appointments (every 3-6 months), along with using any prescribed fluoride or bite guard treatments during the same 5 year period.


For further warranty information, please refer to https://chantillydentalimplant.com/implant-maintenance


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