Implant Warranty & Maintenance

Restoration Limited Warranty

We promise quality dental restorations. All of our restorations are provided with limited warranty against fracture and factory defects. The damaged restorations will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost while covered with our warranty.

Warranty Period

The warranty coverage period is different depending on the type of the restorations as follows;

Implant crowns and abutments: 5 years

All-on-4 or full mouth fixed implant restorations: 5 years

Crowns, Bridges, Dentures: 5 years

Warranty is void if the patient fails to appear within 30 days of their required appointment for periodic evaluation. For the warranty to remain valid, you must complete your treatment with our office and keep your subsequent maintenance appointments (every 3-6 months), along with using any prescribed fluoride or bite guard treatments, all of which are subject to normal or discounted charges, during the same 5 year period.

Complimentary 1 year Post-treatment Maintenance 

We are committed to the life-long success of your implant as much as you are. We provide a complimentary 1-year post-treatment implant (fixture) maintenance program, free of charge, for up to 365 days after the delivery of the implant restoration. We will take care of any issues with your restoration at no additional cost.

Implant Maintenance Program (IMP)

After a year, all of our implant patients are encouraged to participate in our unique Implant Maintenance Program (IMP). IMP is designed to achieve our common goal: Your implant(s) and its restoration(s) can be used for the rest of your lifetime with a minimal annual fee. The annual fee would be determined according to the complexity of the restoration.

Why Long-term Implant Maintenance Is Necessary

The long-term success of implants predominantly depends on the long-term maintenance of the health of the peri-implant hard and soft tissues. Implant maintenance is becoming a more and more important subject. According to a study, the prevalence of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis is up to 25% or higher in the general US population and that up to 10% of implants must be removed due to peri-implantitis. In other words, the number of cases of implant-related infections has been on the rise, suggesting there is a greater need for implant maintenance protocols.

Benefits of Implant Maintenance Program (IMP)

The benefits you will receive with your membership include the following at no additional cost:

1. Periodic assessment: At the re-care appointment, you will receive clinical and radiographic assessments for signs of inflammation in the surrounding tissue. Careful evaluation of the restoration(s) will also be made.

2. Hygiene services: All necessary, professional hygiene services to prevent and to treat inflammation of the surrounding tissue. Patient-specific home-care hygiene will be developed and prescribed.

3. Maintenance, repair, or replacement of the restoration(s) free of charge: Implant prostheses often require adjustment, repair, or replacement over time due to normal wear. Thus, all the necessary services to maintain proper function and aesthetics will be provided.

4. One-time implant replacement: In rare case of implant failure, not only will we remove the implant, we will also replace it at no charge if the condition allows the replacement. Any required, corrective procedures, such as bone graft, will also be performed.  This is a one-time only service but it is rarely needed.

Membership requirements

This membership is not eligible for smokers or persons who have, or who develop, an uncontrolled systemic health problem, such as, but not limited to, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, severe osteoporosis, or any condition requiring long steroid use.

If prescribed, it is also mandatory for the patient to use a night guard every night. Night guards are subject to charges, but will be discounted for IMP members.

A re-care appointment every 3, 4, or 6 months is an absolute requirement for any warranty from the membership to apply. Our IMP requires your commitment as well. Without your commitment, this warranty cannot and will not be applied.

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