Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns at chantilly dental center

Dental crowns are some of the most common restorative dental services. When a tooth has suffered  large or deep cavities crowns are often used to preserve and reinforce the tooth. This allows you to preserve your natural tooth and protect it against further decay and cracking.

We do believe that preserving our own teeth serves best for our patient’s interest.  Whenever possible, we recommend our patients to keep their own teeth. Only when the teeth are not restorable or not worth keeping in regards with patient’s oral health we recommend extraction.

All ceramic crowns

The modern crowns offered at Chantilly Dental Center is metal-free and look incredibly natural. Since we use only 100% ceramic crowns, you can be assured of an excellent, beautiful smile as well as it proven biocompatibility. No allergies or inflammatory response from our crowns can occur for the material reason.

Quality assured – all manufactured in our in-house lab

We don’t outsource our laboratory work to an overseas dental lab at any rate. It is our belief all the restorations must be manufactured under entrusted quality control but it is virtually impossible for us to directly evaluate their work process and materials.

Most dental offices prescribe their lab work to a dental laboratory and the lab is fabricating restorations. Thus communications between the dental office and the dental lab is crucial to get the desired restoration. Failure in these communications often result in re-make or modification of the restoration, which cause loss in time and money.

We have experienced dental technicians in our in-house lab.

All of our crowns are digitally manufactured from our cad-cam milling system in our lab. With utmost accuracy and precision you don’t have to worry about the fit of the restoration. To ensure production of dental crowns of the best quality all cases are carefully fabricated by our experienced technicians with scrutiny and constantly discussed with Dr. Koh.  Our state-of-the-art digital office, on-site lab technician, and advanced milling machine provide you with expedited service when necessary.

Custom shade

As mentioned, we do not send out to an offsite laboratory for crown fabrication. Rather, our in-house lab team crafts these restorations onsite communicating with you face to face so that we can offer you highly customized crowns or veneers just for you.

For example, shade information about your crown cannot be transferred from patient to the dental technician with 100% accuracy no matter how hard the dentist try with prescriptions. The best way to overcome these shortcomings are face to face communication between the patient and the technician.

All of our crown patients will have their own custom shades from our technicians.  Cookie-cuttered shade guides are used only for a reference purpose, not as the only shade information that a doctor prescribes to a technician. Our ceramist will see you directly for the customized shape, size and color of your crown. It is a first-class service you’ve hardly ever experienced from other dental offices.

We guarantee your satisfaction for you restorations.

If you believe you may need a new crown or a crown replacement, give us a call at (703) 815-0699. We are here to restore your amazing smile.

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