Full Arch Dental Implant Like All-On-4 style in Northern Virginia

Dental implants are one of the latest and worthwhile options available not only for single or multiple missing tooth(teeth) but also for full-mouth, missing-teeth cases/restorations. 

What is All-on-4 style?

When you need a full arch replaced, in other words, all of your upper teeth or lower teeth are missing, do you need a separate implant for each individual tooth? Fortunately, the answer is no.

Dr. Koh provides all-on-4 like or full mouth dental implants at Chantilly Dental & Implant Center. As the name suggests, these prostheses are an entire set of upper or lower teeth attached to just a few implants – four or more implants on the bottom, or four or more implants on the top – so you can have a full of new set of teeth in your mouth with just eight or more implants!

The all-on-4 solution or full arch implant bridge ensures a secure fit while also helping to prevent underlying bone loss, or bone resorption, which can distort your facial appearance and even lead to serious oral health problems.

What’s included?

Perhaps best of all, we can provide all-on-4 like service with immediate temporary restorations at Chantilly Dental & Implant Center since we have technicians and all the necessary high-tech equipment on site. We have established a state-of-the-art CADCAM system for the best accuracy of full mouth implant restorations. Only a few dental offices have similar facilities nationally and internationally.

Our full mouth implant program like All-on-4 style is comprehensive coverage for your implant needs. It includes the following and more:

  1. Surgical placement of implants with digital guides
  2. Extractions and immediate dentures
  3. Bone graft and sinus lift
  4. Temporary implant restorations
  5. Implant abutments and crowns/bridges
  6. Worry-free maintenance for 1 year after completion of treatment (cleaning)
  7. Qualification for life-time maintenance membership (see here for details)


Your oral health is Dr. Koh’s greatest concern so with your consent, he will not hesitate to add more implants with no additional charge, if it is required for the best result. Our fee for All-On-4 style or full mouth implant is very reasonable without compromising the best quality and all-inclusive. We are able to lower our cost because we have developed a very efficient surgical system and an automated manufacturing system for all-on-4 restorations. This has enabled us to lower our fees while maintaining world-class treatment quality.

At your consultation, all-inclusive cost will be estimated and presented. Our cost covers all procedures and materials of the planned treatments.  There won’t be any hidden charge or separate bills later. Once you clearly understand treatment and its cost, our financial coordinator will help you arrange payment options according to your budget. Financing options will be discussed if necessary.

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