What are dentures and partial dentures?

Dentures have been used for centuries to replace teeth lost to decay or accident. Even today, dentures are sometimes the best choice for patients with missing teeth. But dentures have come a long way, and we offer the latest in state-of-the-art dentures with precise, comfortable fits at Chantilly Dental & Implant Center. Dentures are used for those who have no teeth and partial dentures for those who still have remaining teeth.

Understanding limitations of removable prostheses.

It is very important to understand the limitations of dentures or partial dentures. They are removable prostheses, meaning they have to be placed and removed by the patient.

They don’t function like patient’s own teeth.  While teeth get support from hard tissue, a denture’s support often comes from soft tissue such as the gum or palate.  So, dentures and partial dentures move much more than teeth when functioning.

Am I a candidate for a denture?

Because of the limitations mentioned above, not everybody can function well with their dentures or partial dentures. The level of satisfaction from denture wearers varies, from “no-problem chewing” to “can’t tolerate at all”.  So correct diagnosis is very important for successful denture treatment.

Denture repair and maintenance

Removable prosthesis cannot prevent the jawbone from being resorbed (shrinking). It may even accelerating the process as they are used. So, it is not uncommon for dentures and partial dentures become loose over time.

Denture teeth wear down over time as they are made of plastic. While they are made of very hard and good plastic , they are not permanent. The denture teeth are required to be replaced periodically. This wear can cause a decrease in chewing efficiency and a shortening in the height of the jaw (more senile look).

Sometimes, poorly managed dentures may cause health problems. If you wear your denture 24-7, day and night, there is increased possibility of have fungal infection. Wearing ill-fitting dentures for an extended period of time may cause growth of abnormal tissue from chronic irritation.

Any dental prostheses requires proper management and requires maintenance. Usually removable prostheses are in higher demand of maintenance than fixed prostheses such as crowns or bridges. Neglecting them may cause undesirable results and higher repair costs.

Why see a prosthodontist for your dentures?

Dentures and partial dentures are often considered as a more affordable treatment for missing teeth and are chosen as an alternative to more functional, but expensive, options. This may be true under certain circumstances, but without proper diagnosis and patient education this ‘cheap’ option can become a ‘waste of money’ because of its functional limitations and lack of understanding of these limitations.

Having removable prostheses without professional help, such as periodic inspection and maintenance, is not recommended due to the possibility of causing more serious issues. Denture treatments usually involve much more complicated processes than other dental restorations.

Dentures do not have to be the inferior form of treatment. When applied correctly, like any other modality of treatment, it should restore patient’s function and esthetics, but it often requires highly trained expertise.

Whether you need partial or full dentures, Dr. Koh has the education, training, experience, and equipment to provide you with quick service and high-quality dentures. We have both traditional dentures as well as the latest implant-retained dentures for a secure fit.

Why our office for denture

Thanks to our in-house lab, CAD/CAM equipment, and skilled technicians, we manufacture all dentures on-site. We also are able to use 3D scanners for accurate mapping of your mouth. This reduces the need for goopy putty impressions! Our experienced technicians will talk to you at chairside so they understand what you exactly want. You will get most customized denture JUST for you.

Implant dentures and partial dentures

When combined with implant treatment, a denture’s functionality can be dramatically improved if designed and planned well. Dr. Koh has experience to help those who have been suffering from a ill-fitting denture for a long time.

If you are satisfied with your denture’s appearance but find them hard to function with, adding a minimal number implants and connecting them to an existing denture could help solve the issue.

Whatever your prosthodontic needs, we can meet them at Chantilly Dental & Implant Center. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Koh today by calling (703) 815-0699.

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