Cost & Finances

Making Implants Affordable

Although dental implants usually require a higher initial investment than other dental treatments, they are usually a worthwhile treatment option available to replace missing tooth/teeth because it is very similar to natural teeth.

We believe that everyone deserves the best possible dental treatment. Thus, making dental implants affordable is important to us. And we have developed a good system to make that possible.

Our Savings Save You Money

We do not hesitate to make any necessary investments to improve the quality of our services and, at the same time, to make our cost as affordable as possible.  

We are able to lower our fees because our processing system has been made as efficient as possible. Our in-house lab is equipped with automated digital manufacturing systems for implant restorations, which eventually saves you money while also improving quality of restorations to an unprecedented level.

In the past, most restorations were made by hand, which not only takes a very long time to process, but also leaves a large margin of human error. The state-of-the-art technology in our lab allows us to automate processes that traditionally were done manually, and digitally process and manufacture restorations without the human error factor.

Not only does the advanced technology help us make your restorations, but it also allows us to significantly reduce your surgery time, using computer-generated 3D surgical guide. All these factors help you save on the total treatment cost.

All Inclusive, No Surprises

Our cost for dental implants, from surgery to final restoration, will be all-inclusive and clearly presented to you before the initiation of the treatment. This is to prevent any possible confusion or misunderstanding. Financing options are also available and our financial coordinator will work with you to help make your treatment affordable. 

All-On-4, The Most Cost-effective For Edentulous Patients

All-on-4 or 6 is often a very cost-effective implant treatment for edentulous patients (patients lacking teeth) since the number of implants used to replace the missing teeth is far less than the number of missing teeth. Our experience with numerous full mouth cases has helped us establish a very cost-efficient, yet high quality All-on-4 solution. With a proper care, All-on-4 will restore the function and the look of your own teeth.

Payment & Financing

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. We also provide 3rd party financing options to make the treatment affordable to you. We will review available payment options with you at our complimentary consultation. 

Please call if you have any further questions regarding your dental implant treatment. Customized estimate for you will be provided at our free implant consultation.

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