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Happy New Year!

December is the busiest month of the year for dental offices because most of the insurance plan cycles are ending, so many people are scrambling to get the most out of their insurance. With everyone trying to squeeze out what they can from their insurance, sometimes it is difficult for patients to find an opening […]


Today, I received this item of great cultural value to me. I am very appreciative of the thoughtfulness of our patients and the opportunities I have to create not only a doctor-patient relationship with them, but also to be their friend. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

Halloween Potluck

  A tasty Halloween feast to mark the end of October. Our office hosted a potluck with Mr. Weaver, a talented chef. We had organic jalapeno chicken casserole, fried rice, korean beef short rib, dumplings, ddukbokki, grapes, chips, home-made pumpkin pie, and ice cream cake. Ate to our hearts’ content. Thank you for a great […]

Time to have your smile back

This short video will inspire you to start right away whatever you need to do for better future. Your healthy mouth is an essential part of your healthy life.

Endo Camp At A Prostho Office?

Our office provides local dentists with great deals of educational opportunities.  Dr. Nguyen is a truly passionate educator. This Endo-camp seminar shared a lot of practical information and hands-on practices to help the doctors to be endo-specialist. With two live surgeries with up-to-dated equipment (lasers, microscopes, etc), this 2-day course surely strengthened doctor’s clinical skills […]

Chantilly Dental & Implant Center, Prosthodontist in Chantilly VA

Introduction Video

Let’s start. Practice specializing in implant dentistry and Prosthodontics. Best People, Best Place, for the Best Results.

Do you know where your restorations are made?

Do You Know Where Your Restorations Are Made? Dental restorations are usually made in a dental laboratory. Dental offices must instruct and supervise the manufacturing process of the dental laboratory in order to ensure quality fabrication of dental restorations. Because of this, strong collaboration between a dental office and a dental lab is crucial. Not […]

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a fixed titanium screw used to replace the tooth root system. A prosthetic tooth is placed on top of the implant. The pros of an implant are that bone loss is comparable to your natural teeth. Aesthetics and function is virtually the same as your natural teeth. The main benefit over a bridge is there is […]

Another DDA Course!

Every other month we have a DDA course at our office. A number of doctors learned about Dio Navi Digital Implant Guided Surgery System. It covers a live surgery and extensive hands-on practice, as well as introducing the Dio Navi kits – the master, narrow, anchor/fix, and sinus kit. Everybody had fun again! It is […]

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