Do you know where your restorations are made?

Do You Know Where Your Restorations Are Made?

Dental restorations are usually made in a dental laboratory.

Dental offices must instruct and supervise the manufacturing process of the dental laboratory in order to ensure quality fabrication of dental restorations. Because of this, strong collaboration between a dental office and a dental lab is crucial. Not uncommonly, communication problems between the office and the lab result in unwanted delay or compromised restorations.

Meanwhile at Chantilly Dental & Implant, our in-house lab is equipped with cutting edge technology. The pictures below show our milling machine at work. We fabricate all of our patients’ restorations under the doctor’s careful scrutiny. Using only the best materials, CAD CAM machining has brought manufacturing precision to an unprecedented level. It has completely removed the uncertainty that may arise from the process of requesting restorations from an unknown lab in an unknown location.

Do you know where your restorations is made from?

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