Why do dental implants take so long?

You’ve done some research and consulted your dentist about dental implants, only to find out that it will be a process that takes months. Why does it take so long, and why can’t the dentist finish it in one appointment? Here’s why:

If you have ever fractured or broke a bone in your body, you probably already know that it takes quite some time for it to heal. While your skin may heal quickly, your bone takes much longer to heal. In the same way, when an implant is placed, you must wait for the bone to heal, which may take some time. Visibly, your gums might heal within a couple of days or weeks, but the real healing is complete only when your bone finally recovers and starts to build itself around your implant. 

Why doesn’t the dentist put the permanent crown on the same day?

Going back to the analogy of breaking a bone, say you break your leg. The doctor puts on a cast and tells you to keep off that leg by giving you crutches. This is because any sort of trauma or force on your leg will make the healing process take longer. In the same way, any unnecessary force on your implant will keep your bone from healing properly. In the case of your dental implant, it can fall out and you now have to wait even longer before you can get another implant placed. 

While it may seem like a quick and simple process, the time spent waiting for your implant to heal is critical.

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