Easy Implant Surgery Thanks to CBCT!

Implant Surgery made easy!


In continuation of last week’s blog post (which you can check out here: https://chantillydentalimplant.com/blog/implant-highlight-cone-beam-ct-the-3d-xray), we visually showed how our Cone Beam CT Xray allows us to get a detailed view of your mouth and the bone structure, making it the very best tool to plan your implant surgery. In this video, we can briefly see exactly how we plan the surgery for a live patient.

Benefits include:
More accurate/ideal implant placement
Quicker surgery
NO incision
Painless/Drastically reduced pain after surgery

Visit this page to find out more about our incision-free implants and how CBCT can help with your implant surgery!

Minimally Invasive Implant Surgery

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