Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are a vital part of a bi-annual cleaning and exam. They are used to diagnose cavities or infections that may not be visible to the naked eye between teeth or under the gums. They can also be used to identify the number, position and size of teeth and their roots.


Types of Dental X Rays

There are also different types of dental x rays that are commonly seen. Examples being bitewing, periapical, conebeam CT, and panoramic. Bitewing (BW) and periapical (PA) xrays are commonly used in cleaning appointments. Conebeam CT xrays are a 3D x ray that is used to evaluate bone status and approximate quantity. They are used for implant consultations. Panoramic xrays are similar to CT xrays in that they show more detail and include the jaw in the xray. But panoramic x rays are not 3D.


Other uses of Dental X Rays

X-rays are useful in more ways than just the clinical portion. X-rays are also used for insurance claims. They provide additional information for insurance companies and can confirm the need to treatment before treatment begins.

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